Therapeutic stories are a wonderful way to reach children when exploring life issues. Using metaphors in stories often makes it easier for children to understand, connect with and relate to a story, particularly when it’s about an issue that they may feel uncomfortable talking about. Metaphors help to create some distance while still encouraging the child to discover or create meaning, explore new ideas, consider change and learn new ways of coping. Therapeutic stories can affirm a child, change behavior, strengthen their relationships, help to construct or change their personal narrative and can reduce resistance or defensiveness around certain issues the child may be struggling with.

The stories I have written are based on themes I have found to be most prevalent over the years I have been working with children. They explore the general experience children have spoken of, the feelings they have had and the coping skills we, together have found most helpful.

Therapeutic stories can open the door to further exploration, conversations and activities in a gentle manner.