Child Therapy Toolbox was created by Lauren Snailham, Clinical Psychologist. Lauren works in Private Practice in Kloof KwaZulu Natal.   She has a passion for helping children which has inspired her to create resources and tools to assist in their emotional development and healing. 

All the stories are written and illustrated by Lauren herself, assisted by Delyce Knowles who puts the content and illustrations into book form and readable format.  Delyce has also helped with the design and production of the additional therapy tools.


Games & Puzzles

Games and Puzzles are very important in assisting children with emotional skills, cognitive skills and physical skills. They create a fun learning environment while building finger strength, hand-eye coordination, perseverance and problem-solving skills.

Hand Puppets

Puppets are a great tool to use as children are able to enter into an imaginary world and can invite you into it to. They help bring a child’s problem comfortably into the room as a safe distance is created through the puppets.

Therapeutic Story Books

Therapeutic stories are a wonderful way to reach children when exploring life issues. Using metaphors in stories often makes it easier for children to understand, connect with and relate to a story, particularly when it’s about an issue that they may feel uncomfortable talking about.

Parenting the New Generation - Webinar

Parenting the new generation of children and teens has probably never seemed so daunting! Children of all ages seem more rebellious, uncooperative, demanding, disrespectful, anxious, depressed, unmotivated and fragile than previous generations seemed to be.

Why? What has changed? Is it too late or can positive changes be made? How do you find the balance between love and discipline? How can we raise our children to be the best version of themselves? How can we empower our children to cope with life’s challenges?


‘South African Magic’

This children’s story speaks of the magic that South African
children hold within them – that no matter where in the world
they go their South African Dust touches others in a beautiful,
fulfilling and magical way.