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Glow in the Dark Story Box

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Glow in the dark characters, and a strip of small, round double-sided tape stickers. Strong enough to hold the shape but small enough not to damage the wall paint when removed.


The boxes have an assortment of characters. Some have sheep, others have planets and stars, and others have sea creatures or dinosaurs. So you not sure what you going to get, but they ALL amazing!

Ideal for applying on doors, lamps, household articles, walls or ceilings. As long as it’s a smooth (my walls aren’t smooth and they stuck perfectly), clean surface.


Creativity, imagination, story-telling, problem-solving, language development, listening, relaxation and CONNECTION before bed.

Activity idea:

These are super cool! You put them up on a wall or the ceiling in your child’s bedroom. They absorb the light, during the day and from the light in the room at night. Once you turn the lights off for bed time, the characters glow and allow for the most amazing stories.



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