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Chair Bands / Fidget Bands

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Spandex Chair Band

40cm x 150cm


The Spandex chair band is placed around the two front legs of the chair.  They used for fidgety feet and for children with Sensory, ADHD, ADD, SPD and Autism.  They  are ideal for home and classroom chairs.

Resistance bands are great for little sensory seekers! They can pull, tug and fidget with their band while strengthening their muscles at the same time.

For those who struggle to sit still, stretch the band around the front two legs of their chair so their feet can move and stretch while they carry on with the activity they are doing.

The Chair Band is discreet and easy to set up. The band simply needs to be stretched over the front two legs of a chair and, voila, your kid is able to release nervous energy or reduce anxiety without distracting classmates.




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