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Colour Therapy Wallet Book and Pencil Crayons

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7x15cm Wallet with 2 Booklets

Amazing designs

Box of 12 short multi-coloured pencil crayons


This Wallet of creativity can easily fit into a handbag, school bag or travel bag. So it can be easy to store and easily accessible. The pencil crayons are also a small box which slides into the elastic for easy storage.

Colouring is extremely therapeutic and stress-relieving.

This book is filled with intricate patterns that will keep you in the here and now and help you channel your stress in a healthy way. It’s a quiet and soothing activity.

Great for older children and teens.. and even adults!!

It’s also a useful tool for older children and teens in therapy. Talking therapy can sometimes be uncomfortable for them and colouring is a great way of being in the session together but the focus being diluted.


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