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Emoji Ball and Bucket Paint Set

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12x emoji stress balls

10x transparent buckets (1L)

Strip of white labels

Powder paint



So many activities to do!!

1) Set the buckets out and throw the balls into the buckets. As it gets easier, move the buckets further away. Benefits: This is great for rapport building, focus and concentration, turn-taking, planning, gross-motor development and self-control.

2) Set the buckets out (anyway you choose) and give each emoji ball an emotion name. Throw the balls one by one into the bucket. If you get it in you have to share about a time you had that feeling. If you miss the next person goes.

3) Set the buckets out, write an emotion on each one. Such as: happy, sad, angry, scared, worried, lonely, excited, shy, irritated and proud. Then write down as many thoughts or memories that you have about each of these emotions. Whether they be memories or thoughts of when you had that feeling or remembering someone close to you having that feeling. You can talk about these as you go or wait till the end and slowly work through each bucket.

4)Set the buckets out, label them with different emotions. Put some water in each bucket. The amount can depend on the amount of that particular feeling you have. Choose a colour from the powder paints that matches each of the emotion buckets. Add it to the water and stir. You can then talk about each bucket, the amount of eg. ‘blue water’, where it comes from, does the colour get lighter or darker, what causes this. You can even mix some of the buckets to create a mixture of ‘emotion water’.



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