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Emoji Memory Game and Charades – Afrikaans

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Emoji Memory Game and Charades – In Afrikaans


Emoji Memory Game and Charades – In Afrikaans

60 cards (30 emoji faces duplicated)

Everyone knows how to play the memory game and what fun it can be, regardless of how old you are.

The Emoji Memory Game adds a whole new element to the experience. There are 30 cards with different emoji faces on and the name of the emotion typed below it. This way children are able to learn what facial expression matches the feeling word and what feeling word matches the facial expression.

These cards can also be used to play Charades. The cards are shuffled and dealt to each player. Each player then gets a turn to act out or describe the emotion they have on their card. The player who guesses correctly gets that card and has the next turn.

Another wat to play this is to deal the cards out to all players. The first player lays the card face up and whoever else has the matching emotion card gets to take the other card.

You can also play Snap with the cards!


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