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Emoji Stamps

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Emoji Stamp Set – 8pcs


6 different emotion stamps
Can be used by children to depict/describe how they are feeling, or used as part of emotion learning activities.

Activity idea:
Ask the child to draw a few pictures about anything they want or about their life.
Once the pictures are drawn they can use the stamps to show how they feel about each picture. This can open a conversation but can sometimes make it easier when something fun like stamps are included in the activity.

Another idea:
Stamp each of the stamps on a piece of paper. Ask the child to colour each one in with a colour that matches that feeling face (the stamps only make outlines). Chat with the child about what each of the faces are feeling, explore why the faces may be feeling each of these feelings, what each feeling does in the body and how they can let each of those feelings out. The child can then mark which of these feelings they have had. This can lead to addition session/lessons where the theme can be more personal for the child.


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