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Emotions Stickers

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Over 500 stickers, 6 sheets


These can be used to explore a variety of emotions. Activities can be generalised or individual based.

For example: a child or group of children could be asked to name the emotions they recognise on the stickers. The discussion could then evolve into what may cause these emotions to happen, how are they experienced in the body and what can people do to cope with these feelings.

If the activity is done with an individual child who is comfortable speaking directly about his/her emotions, you could then be more directive. You could ask the child to choose the emotions they recognise and feel or have felt. They can place the stickers on a piece of paper. The child could then be encouraged to draw a body for the emoji face. You could then explore with the child, where in their body they experience each emotion, what the physical feeling feels like, what triggers it and how they could cope.

Or the child could just be given the booklet to explore and create as they would like.


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