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Fun Ball Set

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50 Colourful 8cm Balls

Great for a ball pool for small children for physical and sensory play

Additional activities:
Each colour ball represents a different emotion. Place a bucket 10 steps away and take turns throwing random balls into the bucket. If you get it in the other person has to share about a time they had that particular feeling (eg. yellow – happy, blue – sad, red – angry etc.)

Place the balls on the floor beneath a swing. Have the child lie with their tummy on the swing. Place a bucket throwing distance from the swing. As the child swings over the balls he/she is encouraged to pick up a ball and throw it into the bucket.. If you have 2 swings its even better as you can introduce a bit of competition. (This would be amazing if you have one of our sensory cocoon swings as they are super comfortable, stretchy and can also be used indoors)


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