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Hammer and Balloons

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1x plastic squeaky hammer and a pack of 40 coloured balloons.

This is a wonderful activity to assess and develop:

Hand-eye coordination

Focus and concentration


Gross motor control


Naming of emotions

Emotion regulation


This resource came about when I needed an activity for smaller children to be able to externalise uncomfortable emotions in a contained and fun way.

It has also been an amazing tool to build rapport as the balloon can be bounced between the child and adult. This usually involves a lot of laughter which helps children settle and connect more easily.

While having this activity at home and in my office play room I found that all the children enjoyed this and that it was also a great way to observe and address focus, identification of emotions and regulating emotions.

It can be used indoor or outdoors (but it’s recommended that the balloons be tied with string to a post so they don’t pop so easily.

Once their energy has run out, also really fun to draw faces of family members or important people in their lives on the balloons and tell stories about them.

It’s been a blast in my home and play room at work😊


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