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Kinetic Sand and Moulds

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Tub of Kinetic Sand & Moulds

Tooth picks

Small kebab sticks

Felt triangles

Plastic spoon and fork


Kinetic sand is a very useful tool for so many reasons. It provides opportunities to develop:

  • New sensory input different from sand
  • Fine motor skills (finger strengthening, dexterity, in hand manipulation etc)
  • Bilateral coordination skills (using both hands together to mold and shape)
  • Visual motor skills such as eye-hand coordination
  • A sense of calm
  • Creativity and imagination
  • Permission for contained messy play

Children can build anything from balls, towers, animals, people, cities and castles. They can also just sit and mound and mould the sand with their hands while talking to you (this is a great one for teens!).





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