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Maybe it’s not that Scary – eBook

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A Story about overcoming Fear and reaching your goal


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A Story about overcoming fear and reaching your goal

Anxiety or fear is a normal emotional response to danger and often prepares us so we are able to face what’s ahead. But what happens when so many things and situations trigger a fear response, that children are left feeling helpless and unable to achieve things that seem really fun or are important to them.

“Maybe it’s not that Scary” is a story about a little girl whose curiosity puts her in a situation that challenges her fear. It explores her feelings of frustration, helplessness and anger at being
stuck and not understood by others. With the encouragement and guidance from a friend, she is able to reach her goal one step at a time. This new feeling of courage and bravery empowers
her to be ready for other challenges that may come her way.


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