Prescilla the Pig


“Priscilla the Pig” a story about conflict, friendship and learning to be kind.  This is an important life lesson for Priscillas as she is able to experience the negative impact of bullying for herself.


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“Priscilla the Pig” is a  story about a bully learning a very important less.  Pricilla is faced with a different situation when she suddenly finds herself being the target of bullying.  This experience helps her realise the impact of greediness, nastiness and rejection.  Children that bully others often lack a sensitivity to others feeling.  Being nasty, pushy and rejecting gives them a sense of control and power.  Priscilla was a bully and upset many of the pigs on the farm with her forcefulness and nasty words.  But one day she is faced with a difficult situation when she finds herself being the target of bullying.

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Weight .100 kg
Dimensions 14.5 × .4 × 210 cm


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