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Sand Play Kit (Portable)

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Sand play is a favorite for most children, and even teens if given the chance!

An excellent product for travelling therapists


Denim Velcro seal carry bag

Portable Pool


Army set

Wild animal set

Sea creature set

Insect set

Dinosaur set

Farm and domestic animal set


Grass and 2 flowers

Coloured stones

White stones


Felt (for water and grass)


This sand play kit has been put together for parents, counselors, child therapists and social workers who have to move from place to place, who have children who require quiet time or a cathartic addition to other play activities.

It can be used for children on rainy days when away on holiday or home, children that live in apartment blocks that aren’t able to get out and play much and for those kiddies who thrive from quiet, imaginative, sensory and cathartic play.

The sand is stored in the blow up pool, once play is done you can let the air out, pot sand back into the bag provided, place it back in the pool, fold it up and pack away with the miniatures back into the denim Velcro sealed carry bag. All ready for the next time!!

I use sand tray work with all the miniatures and extras I have included in the set everyday with the children I work with. The play space it provides is calming, therapeutic and healing.


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