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Sensory Body Sock (Large)

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The Body Sock is made out of spandex and is used for children with autism and sensory processing.

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The Sensory body sock is a sack-like piece of spandex fabric that covers the childs entire body  with an opening in the front for the childs head.   The child can climb completely inside the sock like a sleeping bag.  A body Sock is portable and lots of fun and can be used creatively, stretching out like a scarecrow or folding oneself up in a ball, closing yourself up in the sock and having some timeout.  It provides calming and organizing input to the participant, all over the body at the same time. Body Socks work by applying deep pressure to the limbs, providing body awareness through proprioceptive and vestibular input. The body sock adds gentle pressure to the body, as hands and feet are placed in the corners of the body sock as the user moves around.

The sock can be used by an Occupational Therapist for a specific therapeutic treatment or it can be offered at home for play and dress up – lots of fun!  A sensory body sock heightens the proprioceptive feedback and may help them improve their sense of body awareness and spatial awareness as well!


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