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Speedy and His Friends

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“Speedy and His Friends” is a story to help children understand the importance of self control and respect for other.  It helps the ‘busy child’ to understand the importance of self control and repect for other.


Some children are active but are still able to recognise when it is time to calm down.  Other children find it difficult to settle themselves and are unable to recognise when their bahaviour is affecting those around the.  This inability may be due to poor boundaries, poor self management or due to more serious issues i.e. ADHD or Bipolar Affective Disorder.  Speedy and his friends also gives those children affected by the ‘busy child’ an opportunity to have their feelings validated to get insight into what the busy child feels. It assists children in learning the skills needed to function in social settings and to accept the possible need for medication at times.

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