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Squirley and the Acorns

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“Squirley and the Acorns” is a story about Honesty and Trust.  The story helps children understand that they have a choice between stealing and lying or honesty and trust.


This story tells a tale of a squirrel who takes acorns that don’t belong to him.  When he is caught he lies about it to avoid getting into trouble.  Squirley soon learns that the consequences of his behaviour are not so nice and that if he wants to be part of the squirrel community he needs to be hones and trustworthy.  Stealing and lying are not uncommon behaviours in children.  The stealing can be related to conduct problems, attention – seeking or to fill and ’emotional void’ felt by the child.  Whatever the reason behind this behaviour is is important for the children to know that stealing and lying have consequences.

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