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Ubomi Story Blocks

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8 wooden story blocks with a draw string bag

Block size is 3cmx3cm


Story blocks are an amazing tool to encourage imagination, connection, story-telling and communication. It’s also great as a projection tool.

Each block in this set is based on a theme. These include: animals, people, weather, emotions, objects, settings, and then 2 additional blocks which are focused on more challenging themes such as injury, substances, secrecy and danger.

You can choose which blocks to include in the activity you are doing with a child. If your child or children are going to play this game on their own then you can remove the 2 blocks with the more challenging themes.

If you are using these blocks as a therapeutic tool it is helpful to keep them as a set while playing.

Each person playing takes a turn to drop the blocks and to them make up or tell a story using the images on the blocks facing upwards.

The stories can be gently explored, understood, affirmed, and maybe at some point changed by the child.


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