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Whisper Phone

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Auditory Feedback Phone, also called a Whisper phone or Toobaloo

For children ages 3 – 10 years


A Toobaloo, Reading Phone, Auditory Feedback Phone or Whisper phone is an auditory feedback tool designed for children. It is designed to help with academic skills such as reading fluency and therapeutic skills such as pronunciation and articulation.

This tool amplifies the sound of the child’s voice, which helps them hear their sounds and words more clearly.

It allows children to speak softly into the phone while listening to the clarity and rhythm of their words. The child is then able to make any necessary adjustments to their pronunciation and fluency as they speak.

Can be used for reading lessons or when the whole class has independent reading. It can also be used in speech therapy or music lessons.

This is also a wonderful tool to use in play therapy as children are able to listen carefully and intently to the things they share. An example of this may be a child with a lo self-esteem could use the phone during an activity exploring verbal descriptions of positive experiences and views they have of themselves. This could be used as a form of reinforcing and affirming positive affirmations.

Assorted colours

Size 13.9 cm and light weight

Ages 3 – 10 years

Also available in larger packs



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