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Wooden Sand Tray Set & Miniatures

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Wooden Sand Tray, Storage Tray & shelves, with Sand and over 130 Miniatures


Wooden Sand Tray with handles

Wooden Storage Tray that fits onto the bottom tray for easier storage when not in use

Set of wooden shelves that fit onto the side of the tray to house the more fragile miniatures

Material elasticated cover for the Sand Tray (Farm theme)

1 x bag of play sand

Miniatures included:
Army men set (includes 20 army men figurines, helicopter, tank, fences, walls, weapons)
6 Rainbow people (adult male, adult female, boy, girl, baby and pet)
14 Sea creatures (with blue felt for water)
12 Wild animals
8 Domestic pets (4 dogs and 4 cats)
8 Insects
2 Butterflies
8 Dinosaurs
1 Power Ranger Figurine
2 Figurines (occupational and superhero)
10 Farm Animals
10 Fences
Vegetation (includes grass, shrubs, plants, trees, flowers and a creeper)
Packet of mist/snow
Stones and glass pebbles (includes 20 glass pebbles in a variety of colours, earth and white stone and colourful plastic pebbles)
2 Bamboo boats (1 large, 1 small)
2 Miniature skulls
1 Skeleton
1 Small piece of plastic chain
2 Skeleton bones
1 Wooden coffin
2 Tombstones
1 A Cross
1 South African Flag
2 Miniature umbrellas
9 Sea shells
3 Buildings
1 Castle
1 Teepee
2 Cars
1 Bus or similar
2 Trucks or similar
1 Crystal Ball
2 Plastic forks
1 Scoop
4 Ice-cream sticks
1 Ghost
1 Mini sieve

Sand Tray and Storage Tray Size – width 420mm x 600mm length x 150mm depth

Varnished on the outside and painted blue on the inside of the sand tray for water and sky


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